I have been searching for the number to find out where my CD system is. I can't find it anywhere on line and it was delivered to 85 Grand St.

Lockport, NY 14094 on May 15th at about 1:15. RCA gave me a code to put on the broken system (it is only 6 months old) which I did. I haven't heard anything (my phone number was packed inside the box) and I can't find out anything.

Please track and call me at 843-415-5943. This is an unacceptable amount of time and RCA is not helpful when no notification is given to the consumer after this long.

Monetary Loss: $116.

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I sent my new rca notepad to Venturer Electronics Inc., 65 Grand Street, Lockport NY 14094 back on April 16, 2018 and have been trying to get in touch with them as I have not received my notebook back and they have not responded to the two letters I have written to them. I am out $120.00 and and really upset with RCA as they are the ones who told me to send it to that company. Has anyone gotten any results?

to Viqui #1628249

When you hear from them please contact me and let me know what happened.


I’m having the same issue!!


I sent my voyager tablet to Ventura Electronics Inc in lockport Ny and it has been 4wks and I haven't heard from them. I tried tracking with the web tracking address they gave me but when i put in the info they gave me to track it says it has no report.


What on Earth is going on with my tablet looks like you are having problem with this company and you are still sending our tablets to company really!! My next move is to get a hold of the B.B.B.


I found the phone #....716_201_1480......I left a message inquiring about a unit I sent to them for repair. Haven't heard from them yet


I sent back my RCT 10.1 $ 149.00

Venture lost payment for mine no phone number do I need to send Nypd there.

To find my tablet.

Tracked it was delivered in April 2017 now how do you get tablet fixed since venture lost payment and there payment site for cc goes to go Daddy to by. Think I have to send FDNY BUDDIES or NYPD buddies there

I lost 149.00 plus two year warranty. RCa get your act together


Anonymous: I had contacted RCA 3 days ago about getting my Voyager 3 tablet fixed, they sent me the Venturer address and since I read these reviews, I don't think I will send my Voyager tablet to these people!! Sounds like a scam from RCA!

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #1337785

To whom it may concern I sent my tablet off on the 2/28/2017 to be repair ,I have not gotten a response back so could you please tell me were my tablet a t it was sign for.could please check on it the number is wb73926c.

to Darlene MCcollum #1463727

hi, did you get any response? fro RCA or Venturer electronics?

same thing happend to me, I just want to be sure that I have been rob. thank you

Whiteville, North Carolina, United States #1336161

Anonymous sent my tablet off to this company on 2/28/17 was sign for while is it taking so long ,but most of all where is the money it was cash.

New York, New York, United States #1265405

I am warching this company now because I just sent my tablet for repair under warranty from RCA. I am glad I saw this. Thank you for your post.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1203265

I brought my tablet from Walmart woth a warranty. Contacted RCA and they want me to send it to Venturer.

Is this a reliable company. Don't see any responses/comments about receiving your items back or replacements.

I appreciate the feedback before I send it. Thanks

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #1189688

I wish I would have read this before shipping my voyager tablet out to Venturer Electronics. I had the tracking # up until I saw that the package was received now i have misplaced it and it seems that that is all RCA wants now.

Why did I have to write the RA# and my name and address in the box uf they were going to.go by a tracking.# .? The tablet was delivered. I saw that through the USPS TRACKING service. Now im getting similar run around that all.below have gotten.

I know they said 4-8 weeks but I want an update!!!! I hope that this really isn't an RCA scam. I loved my tablet.

Fix it and return it, please. Robert

to Anonymous Durham, North Carolina, United States #1226366

ditto! did you ever get yours back?

to Anonymous #1357610

Wish I could have seen this first


Just waiting for a charger, past the 12 business days, and not even an updated to be delivered by date yet!#!


Rca sucks


after reading all the comments that are bad why can't we get some kind of help from rca who we bought it from

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #1043089

i sent a tablet back tracking said they recieved it is this a scam not to send back my tablet well just send my money back

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