Seven Oaks, South Carolina
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Dual USB charging clock radio worked for less than 6 mos.RCA said after 90 days I have to pay for repairs.

So long story short..RCA products are so junky that they will probably only last 90 days. So don't waste your money on junk. You get what you pay for. Customer service is in India, now isn't that convenient?

Person could hardly understand English.

RCA lacks customer service & their products continuously have to go on clearance to get rid of them.Even Walmart has a hard time selling their RCA products & we know Walmart can sell ice to Eskimos.

No more RCA products for me.

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Melrose, Florida, United States #813035

Do not purchase RCA tablet.I purchased one in November from Walmart.

After a few uses the screen went blank and the tablet would not turn on. Contacted Customer Support for RCA. Received replacement tablet..after a few uses it would not turn on most of the time (it was like a lottery..will it turn on today?) Contacted customer support..sent it back. That was in February..received replacement this week (in May)after many, many emails, phone calls.

Guess what? the screen flickers so bad on this one that I can't use it. This is the third piece of ***. I give up.

I am just out the money I spent on the tablet. Lesson learned: DO NOT BUY RCA OR DO BUSINESS WITH VENTURER ELECTRONICS/AVS. EVER!

Walmart, Sears, etc.should stop doing business with companies that do not stand behind their products.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #805262

you do realize that if you paid attention to what you buy there are things called WARRANTY INFO CARDS with every product just about that will tell you what if any warranty is included with the product and those that have them will require you to register said product. if you had just taken your time to do the research and not tossed out the box & manual which it sounds like you probably did you'd have gotten your card seen what their warranty was and returned it within Wal-Mart's return time frame.

so instead of complaining about the "junk" you bought from Wal-Mart how about you take some responsibility and realize it was YOUR mistake for not getting the warranty info from inside the packaging and reading and/or registering the product.

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