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My girlfriend got this RCA cambio tablet (the black W101 V2) and not even 3 months in, it bugs out once and ever since then has a LOT of trouble turning on. First off, to even be remotely able to turn it on, we first need to have it plugged in as it apparently never has any battery left in it even if we turn it off with nearly full power.

Even then, we still have a lot of trouble turning it on as it's basically RNG between turning on, not turning on and turning on VERY slowly. Now that's not even the juicy part. So after some time, we decide to call RCA support to get it fixed, since it's still under waranty and it's getting annoying. She gets the phone number that's given to her and calls it.

Big surprise, there's no service in French and because she doesn't understand English, she wants me to help her with it. Now I go on their website to check if I can't find anything there: I find the same number she had prior to this and call it. I then get a *** response saying I need to check the website (note that I went on the US website and they tell me to go back on there) so I go "*** it" and check for a Canadian website. The only one I can find has a support number and so as I call it, it has an automated message asking to press 2 for service in French, which I do since my gf is there and I want her to understand if possible.

Then, still in English for some *** braindead reason, another automated message tells me to call ANOTHER number. Me and my gf then call said number and we get treated at first with yet another automated message offering service in English or Spanish. Of course I pick English but this is still the most braindead customer service I've ever seen. We then wait for a few minutes in order to get an employee telling us that this number only deals with *** TELEVISIONS and that for tablets, we need to call yet ANOTHER *** number, which wasn't listed anywhere.

So we call this number and we first get a message that it isn't open until 10am, and it's 8am. After that, gf needs to go to work so I'm left alone on this and wait till 10 to call the ***. I do, I explain the problem to the guy, and then he tells me that to have the issue resolved, I need to go to (which there was no way in *** we could've known that before, as it's written NOWHERE) and use a preauthorization code with not only the model number and series number, but also the color and date of purchase (because the color has some implication for no reason). Now this tablet was a *** gift, so we don't have a *** clue as to when it was purchased, other than it was before christmas 2016.

With companies like ASUS, I don't even NEED the *** purchase date for repairs like these because they keep track of it but apparently RCA is so self-centered and dumbfounded that they don't even *** do that.

Seriously if RCA doesn't fix up their ***, only the biggest idiots on the planet will buy their products. Just to give you an idea of how *** bad this all was, Bell, which is known as the worst company in Quebec for customer service, actually sounds like a good company now compared to the fuckhole that is RCA.

Review about: Rca W101v2 Tablet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Email is so much better, I told them my friend bought it for me as a gift and I was with her, so I didn't need the exact date, or the receipt...and they've started shipping something back to me.

That's how I contacted them at the above link, maybe it'll help you?

And I'll tell you why RCA doesn't keep up with it....lets compare RCA prices to everywhere else....50 dollar or less tablet for RCA....almost every other company....the cheapest, at best, is 100 dollars, which I don't know the conversion rate, so I can't tell you how much that would be in Canada, sorry .-.

Not saying RCA is worth the headache, but that with much cheap comes great headache...or something.

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