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May you NEVER have to contact RCA. I have an RCA Opal.

(multi-media player). I have tried for 3 weeks to resolve an issue. It seems simple enough to me. The web-site is the worst I have ever tried to use.

You must try at least one of their FAQ areas before you can even make an effort to contact customer service. In their "Contact Us" portion of the menu you can submitt a question. You will get a response rather quickly. However, that response will be an Email with a "Question Referencde Number".

I have searched the site from one page to another and another to at least 10 pages. Don't even think you will find a telephone number..NOT..

I am so pissed..

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My RCA mp3 player for some reson the part u plug in the headphone at is screwed some how. My headphone are New and I tried them in my iPod and they worked so its internal damaged to the mp3.I never jam my headphones In my mp3.

I barely got it a month ago and never had a problem till now can I get it replaced would it be an issue. :sigh


I lost my TH20 and will take yours off your hands.


how to record voice recording on 8GB mp3 + video player


I would like for someone to help me with my mp3 player when I download songs my computer says there are songs on it but I cant find them


How long do i charge rca mp3 !


I have a RCA Lyra Slider SL8005...I loved it so much that I bought one for my husband! Now both of our MP3's read the device is full and then that's it.

It won't do anything like delete some songs.

Also, I have an error reading regarding my EZ dock..."Init easy UIString Config.xml...failed. What the heck is that.

Please help us, we do like the product but right now it sucks.


My MP3Player Model TH20/TH22 Series will not play. Do I need to recharge the player.

If so, how would I go about doin so. Please explain how to do so. I put new batteries in the player and it still does not play. This is very frustrating.

According to your User Manual it doesnot explain. Thank You for your time and cooperation.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #154206

if this doesn't go well im never buyig another rca mp3 again. i can't get my sl5008 to get songz n it agin after the update, all it says is usb connected

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